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Oxygen is a critical factor in shaping the sensory profile of wine, with the potential to either enhance or impair its quality. Proper oxygen management strategies are essential in helping winemakers deliver the best possible wine, and therefore require certain tools to measure and control oxygen. Nomasense O2 allows easy control of oxygen at all stages of the winemaking process and control of TPO during bottling or Bag-in-Box packaging.

Main features

Oxygen measurement is based on luminescence which is the standard technology for accurate and robust results. Nomasense O2 is the only tool that includes a compensation algorithm for sugar and alcohol levels to obtain the exact concentration of dissolved oxygen.

TPO is a key parameter for managing bottling process quality and ensuring wines age as intended. The Nomasense O2 is the only TPO-meter allowing automatic TPO calculation real-time at bottling or BIB packaging.

Our expertise is provided to users by means of the application expert rules displayed on screen during measurements, enabling facilitated decision-making.

Nomasense O2 allows easy control of oxygen at all stages of the winemaking process, the results are displayed on-screen and provide a complete overview of oxygen intake during a process. Critical points can be identified quickly.


The NomaSense O2, reference TPO-meter of the wine industry, becomes a connected decision-making tool

12 Jan 2023
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25 Sep 2020