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Originating from more than 15 years of fundamental research in wine science, this offering ultimately resolves in real-time the main technical challenges related to eliminating sensory deviation, ensuring bottle-to- bottle consistency and mastering shelf-life. You can trust WQS to develop your own winemaking strategy from defining the optimal date of harvest to selecting the proper closure to develop your intended wine style and match consumers enjoyment.

Vinventions’ enology team integrates extensive scientific and enological skills, enabling them to offer solutions aligned with wineries’ objectives and address specific requests, including R&D services and enological product validation for unique applications.



WQS benefits from an unequaled expertise developed over more than 15-years of enological research and hundreds of winery audits performed worldwide. The recognition of this expertise was established through a long-list of peer-review papers on the science carried out by our team of experts made of PhD, enologists and sensory specialists.

Stemming out from other industries, top-notch technologies have been adapted to winemaking applications.Transforming the paradigm of bringing wine samples to a laboratory, WQS introduced the possibility of real-time measurement to allow winemakers for immediate strategic decisions duing winemaking.

WQS proposes cloud-based decision-making tools being affordable, portable and specific to winemaking applications. WQS technologies have been awarded worldwide and rely on robust expert databases, making possible to share knowledge that would be inaccessible at individual scale.

By helping winemakers maximize wine quality and shelf-life WQS helps reduce spoilage in the wine industry. Winemakers can extend their wine wine shelf-life extension and preserve the sensory profile they intended longer.
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