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Vinventions’ research has revealed that bottle-to-bottle variations are underestimated. Our study on bottle-to-bottle variations employs a comprehensive procedure that allows us to identify the sources of variations within the same batch of wine put on the market and recommend strategies to wineries to ensure market consistency.

Main features

Conducting physical, chemical, and sensory analyses on bottles directly from shelves or producers, including measurements of SO2, color, oxidizable components, CO2, TPO, extraction force, and optional TCA analysis for a given batch, all on the same day for accurate assessments.

Identifying sources of variations to gauge product consistency on the market, addressing issues like bottling performance, closure-related oxygen ingress, bottleneck variations, and undesirable aromatic components.

Providing recommendations to enhance production processes for better consistency, leading to improved wine quality over competitors and a strengthened brand image.

Assisting producers in making informed decisions regarding packaging materials and techniques, including the use of optimal dry material, to optimize product performance and consistency within a same batch.