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Blue Line
Blue Line
Green Line
Green Line

Select Green uses proprietary technology to provide a range of 4 different closures with their own controlled and consistent oxygen ingress. This allows precision wine shelf life management to better respect the winemaker intention.

Main features

Distinct and controlled O2 ingress

Select Green is available with four different oxygen ingress rates, providing winemakers control over the wine aging process according to their intentions.

Super premium design

The elegant and natural appearance of NOMACORC Select recalls the premium design of one-piece natural cork, embossed finish provides the appearance of growth lines and lenticels for a superior look.

Unique sustainability properties

Recyclable and made from renewable plant-based materials derived from sugarcane, Select Green is certified Net Zero Carbon Footprint following the ISO 14067:2018 standard complying with recent environmental legislation.

TCA-free and fault-free

Thanks to the patented co-extrusion technology that creates TCA-free closures and provides consistent, predictable oxygen ingress, eliminating off-flavors due to oxidation, reduction or cork taint.

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