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Boutique winery Maturana Wines makes terroir-driven outstanding natural wines. Quality and innovation have been part of their philosophy from day one. Maturana Wines are always thinking about how to make exciting new wines for wine lovers around the world. Through these special versions of wines, they want to present quality and innovation through the young and entertaining spirit that characterizes them.

What they are looking for in this line of wines is to surprise their clients by showing non-traditional grape varieties with different vinification methods for winemaking.

We want our customers to feel what we feel when we make our wines.

José Ignacio Maturana

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Maturana Wines protects its portoflio with Nomacorc Green Line
Extraction of polyphenols during pressing of Chardonnay grapes in Burgundy, impact of pre-pressing operations and consequences in settling tanks.
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03 May 2024
Vinventions Launches NOMACORC Pops: a Revolution in Sparkling Wine Closures

04 Mar 2024
For the second year running, Vinventions has been awarded the "Net Zero Plastic to Nature" label for its NOMACORC Blue Line range of closures.

26 Jan 2024