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Building upon the outstanding performance of NOMACORC closures, Pops brings the same exceptional sensorial neutrality, consistency, controlled oxygen ingress and sustainable commitments to the world of sparkling wines.

Main features

Sensorial neutrality

Pops preserves wines from TCA-taint risks, eliminating cork-taint and off-flavors, and avoiding wine spoilage.

Controlled oxygen ingress

Vinventions’ patented co-extrusion technology enables unparalleled precision and control over oxygen ingress for each closure, eliminating any deviation or variation from one bottle to another.

Zero Carbon Footprint

Pops is the only one sparkling closure of the wine market to provide a Net Zero Carbon Footprint.

Mechanical performances

Pops is engineered to maintain high and consistent mechanical properties allowing a good preservation of the CO2 pressure over time.

Nomacorc Green Line confirms Net Zero Carbon Footprint

02 Oct 2023
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04 Mar 2024
Vinventions takes a leap forward in sustainability with the release of its 2022 CSR Report

04 Jul 2023