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The quality of wine is closely related to its color. Our device allows for a more precise and human-perceived definition of color which make it useful for various application such as establishing a target color to achieve or monitor color change throughout the winemaking process.

Main features

Results are expressed in LCh* coordinates according to the CIELCh reference system, commonly used in other industries, which allows for a more precise and human-perceived definition of color.

Color measurements are presented intuitively on L*/h° graphs for immediate visualization of sample brightness and hue on a color chart.

Data collection enables us to pool knowledge and consolidate a significant number of analyses for a better understanding of the evolution of color and performance references on the market.

Particularly well-suited to managing rosé musts, it helps to achieve a target color, check color after fermentation, and assist in blending cuvées, by enabling all wine colors in the vats to be plotted on a single graph, providing a clear, detailed view for grading and optimizing blending.

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