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VINTOP Olive Oil & Vinegar safeguard the freshness and quality of these culinary essentials. It ensures an effective seal by preventing air or any external contamination from entering the bottle and preserves product quality over time. A VINTOP-closed bottle of edible oil or vinegar therefore reaches consumers in optimal condition and allows convenient use thanks to our specifically designed pourers.

Main features


For a quick and convenient solution, VINTOP offers 3 frequently used colors available in stock at all time and ready for shipping : Black │ White │ Silver.


To make your bottle stand out from the crowd and express your brand identity with no limit, let us create a unique project using a combination of our decoration techniques.


To allow a steady and controlled flow of edible oil and prevent dripping, choose from our range of pourers specially tailored for oil and vinegar tasting, including non-refillable and retractable pourers.

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