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01 Dec 2023

Vinventions, global leader in innovative, sustainable, and reliable closure solutions, proudly announces the launch of their new brand identity and fully modernized website. Vinventions consolidates their range of products and services, previously structured under multiple brands, into their single and unique brand. This strategic transformation, part of their long-term development vision, extends their offerings to the spirits industry and the oil and vinegar sector, while continuing to innovate in the wine industry.

from NOMACORC synthetic closures to SÜBR micro-natural, VINTOP screwcaps, and WQS enological tools—and paves the way for new developments. This reflects our commitment to offering comprehensive and integrated solutions to a broader clientele.

Stéphane Vidal
Chief Strategic Business Development Officer at Vinventions

The new Vinventions website,, mirrors this restructured offering, staying true to our values of customer proximity. “Designed to simplify navigation, our site embodies our ambition to be the preferred partner for wine, spirits, oil, and vinegar producers around the world. It symbolizes our adaptability and evolution in a changing market,” assures Stéphane Vidal. “Our portfolio, now integrated into a unique ecosystem, showcases our expertise while inviting discovery and interaction with our products and services.”

In response to current market challenges, Vinventions adjusts to producers’ needs with cutting-edge, sustainable solutions suitable for every product and price level. The “Your Challenges” section of the website reflects Vinventions’ commitment to go beyond closure solutions, offering precise expertise through a rich library of technical articles, webinars, case studies, and testimonials. The site will be regularly enriched with webinars and articles to continue supporting our clients and to remain a driver of progress for the industry.

“The growth of the Vinventions brand and online presence, coupled with ongoing investments in production facilities, reflects our resolute commitment to innovation, sustainability, and excellence in the solutions we offer to our partners and clients,” concludes Stéphane Vidal.

We invite you to explore the new face of Vinventions and our range of solutions.

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