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29 Apr 2024

Vinventions, the global leader in closure solutions, announces the launch of VINTOP Infinite, an exclusive wine screwcap (BVS standard) featuring cutting-edge digital printing technology. This innovative closure sets a new premium standard, offering unparalleled customization options and service level for wine producers, bottlers, and retailers.

Since 2015, Vinventions has continuously invested in its screwcap capabilities until becoming the #3 worldwide player in the wine industry. Today, it is perpetuating its innovation DNA into the screwcap field by launching a new service for its VINTOP product range.

With VINTOP Infinite, Vinventions revolutionizes the wine screwcap market by combining its exclusive digital printing technology with unmatched service efficiency. Swift sampling, ultra-fast lead times and flexible order sizes ensure that wine producers, bottlers and retailers can create superior consumer engagement while managing their procurement and supply chain challenges.

VINTOP Infinite offers endless customization possibilities, with up to 2,000 colors available for eye-catching designs, to help its customers make a lasting impression in an ever more competitive market. New avenues are now open for packaging creativity and brand expression, as designs can now encompass top and side seamlessly. Wine producers now also can create specific designs for short and targeted marketing campaigns, enhancing engagement and brand recognition.

which is a major point of differentiation. This allows us to drastically improve our service.

Frédéric Grégoire
Chief Technology Officer at Vinventions

and we believe VINTOP Infinite can help brands achieve superior above-market performance. We are excited to introduce VINTOP Infinite to the wine industry.

Denis Van Roey
CEO at Vinventions

VINTOP Infinite embodies Vinventions’ commitment to keep pushing the boundaries of closure technologies and help addressing the evolving needs of the wine and spirits industry.

For more information about VINTOP Infinite and other Vinventions products and services, please contact us.

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