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05 Sep 2022

Denis Van Roey, CEO of Vinventions – a global leader in closure solutions for the wine industry – announces the recent acquisition of Federfin Tech Srl, an aluminium screwcap specialist established in Tromello (Italy).

This acquisition will reinforce Vinventions’ leadership in the wine closure space and represents a major milestone in the company’s strategy to become a global leader across all high-performance and sustainable closure types for the wine and spirits industry.

By joining forces with Federfin, Vinventions will become one of the top 3 producers of wine screwcaps globally, creating significant industrial and commercial synergies to the benefit of their customers whilst staying true to their philosophy of flexibility, proximity and strong technical support.

The combined group will also leverage its unique R&D capabilities, including oxygen management, and industrial know-how to continue investing in innovation and bringing new high-performance and sustainable products to its global customer base.

Federico Masarati (Federfin Tech) - Denis Van Roey (CEO of Vinventions) - Livio Masarati (President of Federfin Tech)

About Federfin Tech srl

Federfin Tech is an Italian manufacturer of aluminum screwcaps, established in Tromello (Lombardia, Italy). With more than thirty years of experience in the field of closures, the company developed an innovating product range of aluminum screwcaps, manufactured with the most advanced machinery, for the wine, spirits and oil and condiment industries. Federfin Tech is renowned for the quality of its products and its flexible, customer-centric service.

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About Vinventions

Vinventions is the world’s most comprehensive provider of wine closure solutions designed to support the diverse requirements of wine producers. Vinventions provides closure solutions that maximize performance, design and sustainability. Its brands include Nomacorc Green Line and Blue Line, SÜBR (micro-natural), Vintop (Screwcaps), and Wine Quality Solutions which includes enological devices, equipment and services that improve the quality and consistency of wine through real-time quality control.

Vinventions employs over 550 associates globally and operates production sites in the USA, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Argentina, South Africa and China. The leadership values of Vinventions are customer proximity, innovation, empowerment, open teamwork, sustainability and long-term responsibility.

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