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04 Mar 2024

Vinventions, known for revolutionizing the closure industry in 1999 with its NOMACORC closures, is proud to present its latest innovation: NOMACORC Pops. This new closure promises to transform the market once again, this time for sparkling wines.

Since its inception, Vinventions’ NOMACORC range of closures has stood out for solving the persistent TCA problems associated with natural and cork-based closures, quickly positioning itself as an essential solution for the wine industry. With the launch of Pops, Vinventions is now targeting the sparkling wine market.

After more than 5 years of research and testing in real conditions, NOMACORC Pops is the ideal solution for sparkling wine producers, offering the same reliable performance from one closure to the next. Its sensory neutrality protects the delicate profile of sparkling wines from any organoleptic deviation, while its mechanical properties guarantee optimal preservation of dissolved carbon dioxide while preventing excessive oxygen ingress.

Pops offers the competitive advantage of being the only sparkling wine closure with a net neutral carbon footprint and designed to be recyclable

Romain Thomas
Nomacorc Product Manager

Like the Green Line range, Pops is made from sustainable, renewable raw materials derived from sugar cane. Pops brings to the sparkling wine world all the oenological and environmental performance for which NOMACORC is renowned in the still wine market.

To celebrate the launch of this innovation in early 2024, Vinventions is proud to announce its first successful collaboration with an ideal partner, the prestigious Italian winery Astoria Wines, one of the leading players in the art of Prosecco.

(whether social, environmental, or cultural), we enthusiastically initiated this collaboration with a leading company like Vinventions. After months of testing, we decided to unveil this project with a particularly prestigious event, the Giro d’Italia cycling race: the official Giro sparkling wine, opened daily on the podium, will feature the Nomacorc Pops closure with net zero carbon footprint.

Filippo Polegato
CEO of Astoria Wines

Astoria has chosen the official bottle of Giro d’Italia (from Treviso for the 13th consecutive year), which will take place from the 4th to 26th of May, as the first sparkling wine to be bottled with this new closure. “A choice that also aligns with RCS Sport commitments to sustainability, both for the traditional Giro and for the Giro-E with electric bikes. A journey we are undertaking together,’ concludes Filippo Polegato.

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