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02 Feb 2023

Protecting the ocean plays a crucial role in protecting the entire planet overall. One of the biggest environmental challenges today is to make all the efforts possible to limit plastic marine litter. Amongst all the actions that are taken globally today, one has emerged few years ago which focusing on preventing plastic leak at the source. And this is where Vinventions has decided to focus as well with Nomacorc Ocean. This new wine closure has both the power to protect your wine and contribute to reduce marine pollution.

Increase the use demand on Ocean-bound plastic waste to act on the leak source

Based on scientific research1, 80 % of the plastic marine pollution is due to the so-called Ocean Bound plastic (OBP). OBP2 are plastics waste which are building up into coastal lands and cities that do not have infrastructure to manage them. By giving a second life to these OBPs using them as recycled material into new products, the aim is to increase the demand for harvesting them, to enhance the profitability of these operations and by consequence to reduce the volume of plastic waste entering the oceans.

Choosing sustainable solutions contributes to fight back marine pollution

To get a true impact this requires the engagement of many stakeholders across the entire value chains, including end-users. Therefore Vinventions’ customer and the end-consumer, by their choice, become aside us part of the change against marine pollution. Using Nomacorc Ocean contribute to increase the use of OBP materials that would otherwise damage the ocean and harm marine ecosystem and life. This is also a circular choice which contribute to promote the replacement of virgin materials by a recycled equivalent.

Follow standards for OBP collection

For Nomacorc Ocean, the OBP used is collected by an organization certified Zero Plastics Oceans’ standards. This standard*2 asserts that OBP are collected under ethical and profitable conditions, which are audited, and ensures that collecting areas and wastes collected are compliant with OBP definition. OBP is an abandoned plastic*3 waste located within 50 km of distance from coastline where waste management is inexistent or inefficient. These plastics will eventually end up discharged in the ocean by the effect of winds, rainfall, river flow or tides. Focusing the collection efforts on real OBP avoids plastic waste reaching the ocean.

Four categories of OBP have been defined in the OBP certifications programs2:

  • Potential OBP: inadequately collected plastic waste located within a 50 km distance of the coastline
  • Waterways OBP: inadequately collected plastic waste located 200 m from rivers & in rivers
  • Shorline OBP: inadequately collected plastic waste located 200 m from shores
  • Fishing material: Used fishing gears and plastic by catch

Collect OBP where it matters

OBP waste are harvested from Southeast Asian beaches and islands, in areas where waste collection has a real impact. Asian countries are known being the most at risk for ocean plastic pollution.

Same closure performance, just a bit more sustainable

Nomacorc Ocean provides the exact same reliable performances as the whole Nomacorc closures range. Recycled OBP used in this closure is obtained thanks to advanced recycling which bring the used plastics back to its building blocks. The raw material has exactly the same properties as if it was virgin material which make it fully compliant with food contact regulation and bring exactly the same performances to the final product.

Want to know more about the key performance elements from Nomacorc Ocean? Click here

  1. Jambeck: Plastic waste input from land to the ocean (Science)

  2. The OBP Collection Organization Standard, which covers the collection OBP, from Zero Plastic Oceans

  3. Abandoned Plastic Waste refers to plastic waste that is inappropriately disposed or littered, and municipal or private collection services will not collect it. Source ZPO

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