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Minimizing oxygen exposure at bottling is crucial to avoid premature oxidation. Random oxygen exposure can also cause significant variations among bottles. The hundreds of audits we conducted over years on various equipment types and sizes have demonstrated the challenges wineries and bottling companies face in managing this process.

Main features

Our experts evaluate the entire bottling process, from wine transfer to the bottling line to final packaging (bottle and/or Bag-in box), to identify potential sources of oxygen ingress and opportunities for improvement.

Utilizing the Nomasense O2 TPO-meter, we conduct TPO measurements at critical points along the bottling process to identify any deviations from target levels and provide recommendations for corrective actions.

We ensure that your bottling line is properly calibrated, optimizing settings such as filling speeds, purge times, and inert gas usage to minimize oxygen exposure and achieve target TPO levels.

Our team provides training and education to winery staff on best practices for TPO management. This includes proper quality control measures to reduce oxygen pickup and improve TPO control throughout the bottling process.