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12 Jan 2023

Since its launch in 2009, the NomaSense O2 has set the standard in the wine industry for precise and real-time measurement of dissolved oxygen in wines and gaseous oxygen. Thanks to its functionalities, it is the only tool in the sector to allow TPO (Total Package Oxygen) measurements, a key parameter for oxygen management in wines at the time of bottling.

We have developed this new version of the NomaSense O2 to make it a fully-fledged decision-making tool, by completely redesigning the user interface to make it easier to use, intuitive and adapted to the needs of the field. With the display of alerts and expert rules during the checkpoints performed, users are guided in their decisions, especially at certain winemaking stages where oxygen control is crucial for wine quality.

Christine Pascal
Enology Research and WQS Products Manager at Vinventions

Among the innovations, the calibration management is simplified. On-screen monitoring of oxygen controls performed along a process makes it possible to immediately visualize critical points of oxygen intake and thus facilitate the resolution of problems. For bottling controls, the TPO is calculated automatically, including with the use of the Piercing System in bottle and BIB. The display of the expert rules, in the case where oxygen intake is too high, immediately indicates to the operator which critical point to improve (variability in the draw or capping heads, increase in the level of dissolved oxygen at the filter outlet etc.)

The collection and statistical analysis of anonymized data makes this tool scalable, both in terms of updating decision rules and sharing the knowledge acquired with users at the various stages where the checks are carried out. In addition, saving and exporting data is easier for users.

Emmanuel Brenon
WQS tool development manager at Vinventions

Luminescence technology and features, such as built-in sugar and alcohol compensation for accurate results, remain unchanged. Similarly, all accessories associated with the old NomaSense O2 version remain compatible with this new version.

Would you like to know more about this new tool and about oxygen management in wines?

We invite you to join our next webinar dedicated to oxygen management in wines by registering here.

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