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Situated in the charming Condrieu region and the northern part of St Joseph, Domaine du Monteillet boasts a stunning view of the North Rhône Valley.

For Stéphane Montez, the choice of closures supplier is of utmost importance because it entrusts to them the work that has been mastered throughout the wine production process. With Vinventions, he has complete confidence in the outcome. Nomacorc closures allow him to precisely control oxygen levels in the bottle, whether it’s for young wines or even for wines meant for aging.

– for me, for sommeliers, and for my customers. Furthermore, Nomacorc closures play a vital role in preserving the freshness and vitality of the wine, ensuring that each bottle maintains its distinct flavor and character over time.

Stéphane Montez

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Stéphane Montez's trust in Nomacorc: ensuring quality and consistency for his wines
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