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ARPEPE is a winery that embodies the authentic artisanal tradition of Valtellina wines, nestled in the Italian picturesque alpine valleys. Founded with passion and dedication, ARPEPE has earned a distinguished place in the hearts of wine enthusiasts for its production of unique and captivating wines.

The ARPEPE winery is renowned for its production philosophy centered on craftsmanship and a love for the land. ARPEPE’s wines range from the iconic Sassella Rocce Rosse, a red wine of remarkable structure and complexity, to the elegant and fresh Rosso di Valtellina. Each bottle encapsulates the history and passion of a family of winemakers committed to preserving tradition and crafting wines that uniquely express the terroir.

With Nomacorc, we are confident in achieving our goal – to have a wine that remains consistent in the bottle and attains the perfect level of evolution without deviations.

Emanuele Pelizzatti Perego
Extraction of polyphenols during pressing of Chardonnay grapes in Burgundy, impact of pre-pressing operations and consequences in settling tanks.
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03 May 2024
Vinventions Launches NOMACORC Pops: a Revolution in Sparkling Wine Closures

04 Mar 2024
For the second year running, Vinventions has been awarded the "Net Zero Plastic to Nature" label for its NOMACORC Blue Line range of closures.

26 Jan 2024