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27 Oct 2021

Vinventions’ Enology team in partnership with Infowine – the technical web journal, focused on viticulture and oenology, the most read by Europeans Winemakers – invites you to a series of 3 webinars focused on the key parameters you need to monitor at different winemaking stages to optimize wine profile and its longevity.

  1. We will first share with you how closure oxygen ingress can help you better monitor the wine aromatic profile evolution after bottling.
    How to modulate the wine aromatic evolution by closure oxygen ingress
    Tuesday, November 2, @6 pm CET
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  2. During this webinar, a focus will be done on oxygen management at bottling and before bottling, 2 key stages where unwanted oxygen intakes can be irreversibly detrimental for wine quality and shelf-life.
    How to manage oxygen before and during bottling
    Tuesday, November 9, @6 pm CET
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  3. This session will be dedicated to polyphenol management at different key stages of the winemaking process and how to adapt the technical choices depending on the wine resistance to oxidation.
    How to optimize the wine capacity to resist to oxidation
    Tuesday, Novembre 16, @6pm CET
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Once registered, you will receive an email containing all the instructions to connect to this webinar.

The webinars are free live only, the recordings will be on sale on this journal and available with the Infowine Premium account.

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