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01 Oct 2021

Prefermentatives stabilization is key to get white and rosé wines more resistant to oxidation, particularly when juices have high level of polyphenols.

But how to determine whether a juice is rich or not in polyphenolic content?

WQS by Vinventions has developed the PolyScan, a decision-making tool which assesses the polyphenolic content on juice, must and wines, and help better adapting winemaking depending on this concentration.

WQS by Vinventions and Jet Technologies, its Australian partner, present you:

  • How the PolyScan can help during white and Rosé pressing to determine the good moment for separating juices
  • How to sort tanks depending on their polyphenolic content
  • How to adapt the juice treatment (fining, oxygenation) based on the juice characteristic and the winemaker objectives

Access to the webinar replay

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