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For more than 10 years, Vinventions has been developing its own collection, sorting and recycling programs for its wine closures, throughout the world, in its main markets.

To give a second life to its collected closures, Vinventions has partnered with Retorno, a Belgian company specialized in recyclable materials valorization, which developed the raw material from collected closures as well as the manufacturing process for the Vinny wine bucket. The Vinny bucket is marketed by Italesse, the reference provider of professional utensils (glasses, wine buckets, decanters, …) to the wine industry.

Main features

Recyclability and circularity

Vinny is made from recycled Vinventions wine closures. Vinventions’ ambition is to expand its closure collection programs over the years. The sale of the Vinny buckets will further fund all collection efforts in the market.

Discover Vinny, a wine bucket made from recycled Vinventions' wine closures

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