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As oenological specialist, Vinventions helps producers from the wine, spirits, and olive oil industry to achieve their goals in terms of product quality and consistency, and provides support through innovative, oenological, and environmental expertise thanks to 650 employees around the world. Vinventions a is dynamic and innovative multicultural company that embraces continuous change. People are at the heart of the our culture, which prioritizes trust, autonomy, and the development of our team members.

At Vinventions, we consider our employees to be our most valuable asset. We take great pride in nurturing a diverse and talented workforce that drives our success. As a global company with various production sites in Belgium, France, Italy, South Africa, USA, Mexico, Argentina, China, we all share common values instilled by our founders. We are a family company, and we view this as a true strength. Our commitment is to achieve our goals while upholding our guiding principles : customers centricity, empowerment, innovation, open teamwork, sustainability and long-term responsibility.

The value of this geographic diversity is evident in the quality of our local teams and the international composition of our Leadership team. Additionally, our average employee tenure of 9.3 years reflects a balanced mix of experienced and newer team members.