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Managing oxygen ingress through closure selection contributes to modulate the aromatic evolution of wine and avoid reduction or oxidation. Our method considers both oxygen transfer rate (OTR) and outgassing, offering a reliable measurement for any type of closures. Winemakers can now assess closure performance, identify variations, and make informed selections based on their objectives.


The method measures closure oxygen ingress in natural corks, cork-based stoppers, and mono or co-extruded closures, providing winemakers with a comprehensive assessment.

Utilizing NomaSense O₂ P6000 analyzer, the measurement is non-destructive, allowing quick results in two to three weeks, in comparison to the Mocon-Oxtran method.

The method evaluates cork-to-cork variations within the same batch and across batches, ensuring consistency assessment in closure performance

Besides closures, the method assesses the permeability of other packaging options like Bag-In-Box® and wax seals, offering valuable insights for packaging choices.