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Les capteurs d’oxygène PSt3 et PSt6 permettent une mesure précise de l’oxygène en phases gazeuse et liquide. Conçus pour les applications viticoles, ils sont insensibles aux interférences telles que le dioxyde de carbone, le dioxyde de soufre et le pH. Ces capteurs fournissent des résultats fiables même dans des conditions difficiles.


The PSt3 and PSt6 sensors come pre-calibrated and feature a QR code for easy calibration with the analyzer. The PSt3 is compatible with the NomaSense O2 C300 and P6000, while the PSt6 is exclusively designed for the NomaSense O2 P6000.

The PSt3 sensor has a detection limit of 15 µg/L and a measurement range from 0 to 22 mg/L. The PSt6, on the other hand, detects down to 1 µg/L and measures between 0 and 1.8 mg/L, offering enhanced precision for lower dissolved oxygen concentrations.

Two sizes are available for the PSt3 sensor: 5 mm for bottle measurements and 10 mm for equipping the sight glasses, providing usage flexibility based on specific wine needs.